Testimonials from Our Participants and Learners...

Here are some recent comments about our online courses and live workshops:


This online course has been an amazing introduction to trauma informed care.  I have learned a lot and can’t wait to continue learning more and applying it to my practice!


This course [Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy] is so much more than other trauma institutes who claim to offer arts and play therapy as trauma intervention. These courses actually teach you how to think about choosing interventions and why sensory based intervention is more than just drawing a “safe place.” I wish I found these courses sooner and highly recommend them to anyone working with traumatized people.


As a Veteran of the Iraq war I am impressed what I learned about resiliency and strength approaches to trauma. We will be using this information in our strength based programming with military and their families.


These courses are different than other trauma online courses. They include a nice combination of printed materials, links to interesting websites, activities and examples and films. There is a wealth of information here! You will be challenged to think and you will learn many take-aways for your work with traumatized children and adults.


I really enjoyed the art therapy and positive psychology course. It helped me to reframe my own practice and to see how positive psychology principles and resiliency can be key approaches to working with trauma. By the way, I love the trauma-informed approach in general. The courses have taught me that pathology language found at other trauma institutes is not necessary. We can become role models for healing when we talk about our clients with respect and from a belief in posttraumatic growth. 


Thanks so much for coming to our city to teach Expressive Arts-Based Approaches to Resiliency and Posttraumatic Growth. I learned so much in just two days and will be applying this information to my work in domestic violence and child abuse. I not only learned a lot but I also left refreshed and inspired about applying arts-based activities to my work and in my own self-care. 


I have so enjoyed taking your courses. They are helping me feel much more prepared to get back into the field. I really like the online format. I am really able to spend the time learning the information. Thank you for what you do!


I loved the course and I plan on doing more from the certificate course.


I recommend these courses to play therapy and psychology colleagues. In comparison to another trauma group that uses arts and play in their workbooks and seminars, these courses actually prepare helping professionals for how to apply expressive arts and play therapy to work with trauma survivors. I paid a lot of money for those workbooks when I could have been really learning about sensory methods of trauma intervention here.


Thank you for making these courses available! I am looking forward to Level 2!


Thank You so very much.  I will ever be in debt to you and the learning... I am hoping that in the future I will be able to help others discover their tools and techniques.  If and when you will have any other courses I can take or you can recommend any I will appreciate learning of it. 



Thank you so much for this opportunity and amazing experience. No doubt I shall be taking with me lots of useful information, awareness and new skills which I shall use wisely.