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Thank you for your interest in Online Group Supervision! In order to get started, please complete the form below. If you are interested in registering for supervision, we will send you a link for payment and additional information on how to access the platform for meetings.


The cost for 4 hours per month of online group supervision is $150; each session is 2 hours in length. That breaks down to $37.50 per hour for supervision which is a good deal if you have shopped around for supervisory time. If you can only attend one 2 hour session, the fee is $90 per 2 hour session which breaks down to $45 per hour. Supervision groups will be limited to 6 people per group. We will add more times to the schedule in future if there is interest-- so please let us know if you would like additional times to be added.


Group supervision is open to a variety of students and professionals, including those who are working on their Registration as an Expressive Arts Therapist; Art Therapists who can use additional hours of supervision; Play Therapists who would like supervision in Expressive Arts Therapy; and related practitioners in mental health and healthcare who are licensed or certified by a professional board and who would like to participate for continuing education or professional development goals to learn more about expressive arts in clinical practice. All participants must show proof of malpractice insurance before the first session of online supervision. Participants should have relevant case material to bring to supervision for discussion and follow ethical principles for confidentiality, informed consent and permission in presentation and discussion of any client information.


Supervision also includes: Four additional brief email consultations each month with the supervisor and additional articles and materials in PDF form related to topics of discussion and clinical practice. Consider joining online group supervision for the following reasons:

  • Connection to other professionals focused on integrating expressive arts and trauma-informed approaches in their work.
  • Support in finding your authentic voice and strengths using the expressive arts in a trauma-informed framework to help others.
  • Inspiration to grow, develop, and adapt expressive therapies techniques that serve your clients and you as a professional.

Meeting Times: The first Friday of each month from 9:30 am - 11:30 am [daytime] Eastern Standard Time and second Tuesday from 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm [night] Eastern Standard Time. We will add more times to the schedule as needed, so please let us know your interest and preferable times for online meetings; we will do our best to accommodate additional group sessions.


Our first online group supervision will begin in February 2019 on the first Friday [February 1st, 2019] from 9:30 am - 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time and second Tuesday [February 12th, 2019] from 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. 




Committed to completing your supervision this year to apply for the REAT [Registered Expressive Arts Therapist credential]?

We are also offering a $1500 bulk rate in advance for a year of supervision which meets the requirements for REAT category B Clinical Practicum internship supervision. 48 group supervision hours (two 2 hour sessions each month= 4 total hours each month) (plus 1 free individual session upon completion)! This can also be applied to the 100 hours of group supervision required post-institute training under #2 “Experience” portion of  the REAT application. (payment plans can be arranged as well)

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