Cathy Malchiodi, PhD and Elizabeth Warson, PhD Virtual Expressive Arts Therapy Research Lab

Current Research Initiatives

Current and Proposed Research Initiatives and Projects. Our emphasis is on how the expressive arts are "valued-added" experiences when combined with existing evidence-based approaches to stress reduction, trauma reparation, pain management and quality of life perception. We also emphasize culturally-relevant practices as fundamental to expressive arts as a form of health and well-being.

Participate, Investigate and Collaborate

 How to become involved in participation, investigation and collaborations. Expressive arts research can only advance through not only basic investigations of phenomenon, but also broader scale participation and colloborations. This includes practitioner engagement in standard protocols to create translational research that can be applied to a variety of settings and individuals.

Research Team and Virtual Lab

More about Cathy Malchiodi, PhD and Elizabeth Warson, PhD and Our Virtual Lab. We are practitioner-researchers, an unusual combination of perspectives and expertise within the field of expressive arts therapy. We bring together expressive methods with body-based/somatic approaches including EMDR and somatic experiencing, using the somatosensory level of communication as foundation.