ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT [previously held in 2013, 2014 and 2015]; Check Back Soon for New Offerings!

An International Online Creative Community Exploring How Art Making Can Make Us "Happier"

Image by Josh Kale, Graphic Artist
Image by Josh Kale, Graphic Artist

Welcome to the ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT! The ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT was so popular in 2013 and 2014, we have planned a new version for 2015. This is a unique opportunity for exploring art making and well-being; no art [therapy] experience required!  


We believe that art making can make us "happier" through four positive forces that help us to be more resilient when challenged by life events, big and small. These Four Positive Forces are: Connection, Compassion, Contribution and Courage. We all can use our own Creativity as a positive force that inspires and motivates us to deeply Connect with others, experience Compassion for others and ourselves, make Contributions that are meaningful and life-affirming, and have the Courage to tell our stories and speak our truths.


This online interactive workshop will again focus around the four positive forces of wellbeing exploring new and old creative techniques. Art journaling, mixed media creations, mindful photography and yoga will all be part of the mix! This is a great place to experiment with new materials and techniques that you can then continue to use to increase creativity in your life. New swaps will be introduced that will enable the chance to deeply connect with other creative friends from around the world.  Additional material that has been shown through research to increase wellbeing will be added as the year progresses keeping the site alive and full of fresh inspiration to fulfill your creative needs.


Artwork © 2015 Emily Rae Johnson Welsh
Artwork © 2015 Emily Rae Johnson Welsh


The ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT is for creative enrichment only; it does not qualify for continuing education units [CEUs] in the US. However, you are eligible to obtain 6 CECs by completing a companion course in Art Therapy and Positive Psychology that covers applications of the material to counseling and psychotherapy and the major concepts of positive psychology approaches to mental health.


For art therapists, let us know if you would like a Certificate of Completion for your Board Certification or license renewal for the ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT [an extra fee is charged for this service and certificate].

Faculty, Facilitators and Co-Hosts in 2015...

Janet McLeod, MBA, MAAT AThR (Clinical) ANZATA is an art therapist, artist, photographer and puppet maker. Through personal experience she came to believe in the healing power of art making-- whether it be art as therapy, where the pure pleasure of capturing a moment on film or moving a paint brush over canvas helps to increase positive emotion or art psychotherapy where art making can help us gain insights into our inner self enabling changes in behaviour and increased well-being.

Janet works at both ends of the spectrum. In "Creativity for Well-Being" workshops the focus is on art as therapy and she combines the creative process with positive psychology principles and mindfulness with the aim of enhancing well-being. In her private practice, "Positive Arts Therapy," she works psychodynamically, but continues to use a framework of positive psychology and mindfulness to help sustain and improve well-being.

Art therapy has also had the benefit of broadening her own art practice including puppet making and art journaling-- therefore providing an opportunity to play at the things she loves! See and

Emily Rae Johnson Welsh, MA, LPAT, LPCC, ATR-BC. As an art therapist and yoga instructor, Emily finds joy in connecting and sharing her love of creativity, breath, and mindfulness. Emily works with families in the hospital setting and feels fortunate to use both artmaking and yoga to meet their wellness needs during medical experiences. In her art studio you can find an array of textures, from faux fur to resin, and endless jars of mixed media treasures.  On her yoga mat you can find her smiling, breathing, and flowing, preferably in a hot room. Next to her bed you can see her new books and a growing collection of research on trauma, the body, and yoga. When not in the hospital or yoga studio, she prefers to be making a mess in the kitchen (cooking), playing with dirt (gardening) or snuggling with her loves (aka dogs, cat, and a husband).


Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPAT, LPCC, ATR-BC, REAT, is an art therapist, expressive arts therapist, counselor, artist and writer. She is known for having an overactive mind and has at least 57 art, writing, and other projects going on at the same time. On her desk you will usually find at least three art/writing journals, six unfinished manuscripts, a container of cat treats, two dozen sticky notes [most are illegible], a pile of books on altered art and another pile on neuroscience, an 85% cacao dark chocolate bar, assorted Sharpie pens and glue sticks, and a growing pile of prayer beads draped over a statue of Cat Buddha. Cathy will be popping into the 2015 ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT to enjoy some art making and happiness and contribute to the group.

From previous ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT events-- An example of a participant art prompt: Where do you find community, connection, courage and contribution? These four positive forces, as described by Cathy Malchiodi, can help us be more resilient when challenged by life events, big and small. This community focuses on these as key elements that can be framed, shaped, and informed by creativity in our lives. For this first activity, please introduce yourself to the group through these four words and create your own Wheel of Creativity. The image of the wheel, whether described as a circle, mandala, pie, plate or lens is prevalent in both our cultural and natural worlds! This shape is believed to bring balance, movement, and focus when used in art making.


You can read more about ATHP at Jessica Kingsley Publishers in The Handbook of Art Therapy and Digital Technology [Cathy Malchiodi, Editor] in Chapter 13 on "Social Networking and Social Media."


Art Therapy and Positive Psychology

This is an online continuing education course that covers 1) basic principles of positive psychology; 2) the interface and relationship between positive psychology, art therapy and creativity; 3) neurobiology of positive psychology; 4) the concept of flow and its importance to positivity; 5) compassion, connection, courage and contribution as factors in positivity and wellness; and 6) art-based activities related to the theme of art therapy and positive psychology. You will be participating in hands-on experiences, giving short feedback on readings and taking short quizzes in this course. NBCC approved for 6 continuing education credits [included at no additional cost]. It is designed to complement the principles of the ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT.

Art Therapy and Positive Psychology, 6 continuing education units.


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Register here for the ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT as described above; registrants will receive details about how to enter the course on the start date (June 1, 2015) or when registration is completed after June 1, 2015 [please note, this course does not qualify for continuing education units].

THE ART [THERAPY] + HAPPINESS PROJECT June 1, 2015 thru December 20, 2015


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Continuing Education Certificate for 12 hours of Participation in ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT

If you need verification of participation in the PROJECT for Board Certification or other professional development reasons, we will issue you a Certificate of Completion at the end of the PROJECT in November. Please note: NBCC CECs are not available for this course. Also, please confirm with your professional certification and/or credentials board that participation in this event is applicable for continuing education.


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Disclaimer: These courses are for educational purposes only. They do not constitute individual or group therapy, psychotherapy or counseling experiences. All participants are required to follow the rules of the online learning community as set forth by the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute. Statements on this website and the ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT website do not constitute professional or medical advice or psychiatric recommendations. Some links on these websites direct the visitor to websites controlled by others and any responsibility for such other sites is specifically disclaimed.