Visual Journaling and Expressive Arts: Advanced Approaches to Self-Regulation and Meaning-Making | Queen's Retreat & Renewal Centre | Saskatoon SK Canada May 12, 13 & 14, 2020

Three-day Advanced Expressive Arts Therapy Training with Cathy Malchiodi, PhD and Elizabeth Warson, PhD 

Visual journaling [also called art or drawing journaling] has been identified as both an important and accessible approach in expressive arts therapy, counseling and psychotherapy. It is not only an effective method for self-regulation, but also is a multilayered way that brings together somatosensory, affective and cognitive experiences to express personal narratives and make meaning through images, creative writing, imagination and storytelling. 


In this five-day course, participants will experience a variety of visual journaling approaches that are grounded in emerging research and based on historical foundations of journaling for emotional reparation and wellness. Course objectives include:

  • the core framework of the Expressive Therapies Continuum to guide bottom-up strategies to address trauma;
  • polyvagal theory [Porges, Dana] as a basis for self-regulatory and safety in working with expressive arts and journaling approaches;
  • somatosensory experiences [Levine, van der Kolk] as foundations for embodied awareness in working with traumatic stress;
  • the role of bilateral and other forms of movement to re-establish a "good rhythm" in brain, mind and body;
  • narrative therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to support meaning making and the construction of reparative stories; 
  • the role of process, media and materials in the continuum of practice;
  • culturally-resonant principles in the application of visual journaling and expressive arts therapy in practice. 

While this course is mostly "hands-on," participants will also learn how to design developmentally-appropriate, trauma-informed and culturally responsive visual journaling practices through lecture and group discussions. 


This course is open to counselors, social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, expressive arts therapists, expressive arts facilitators, creative arts therapists and graduate students. Complete agenda to follow soon! Right now you can register to secure a space as seating will be limited. 

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What to Bring to the Course: We will be updating this section, so please check back. Once we get closer to the dates of the course, if you are registered you will receive a number of emails to let you know what to bring as well as readings and other information.

Location: Queen's House Retreat & Renewal Centre Saskatoon SK

Queen's House Retreat & Renewal Center, 601 Taylor St. W, Saskatoon SK Canada